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About the Kibera Water Services District Coalition
We are 400,000 people

Drone flight over Kibera. To stop music, pause this video.

Our leaders are Kenyan

We are a coalition in Kibera to design clean water distribution systems, distributed waste water treatment, and flood water control in Kibera, in cooperation with the Governor of Nairobi--Governor Evans Kidero- and the City Council and staff of Nairobi City-County, owners of Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company, and the engineers and staff of NCWSC.


Our goal is to combine the  operating ability, and organizational talents of today's water vendors in Kibera, with the design knowledge, construction experience, hydrological analysis and technical expertise of the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company engineering and management and the world engineering community. Working with Kenya Youth Services, Kiberan community organizations, and the faculties of world-class engineering universities, we plan to introduce the most modern water technologies of conservation, storage, purification, water recycling and direct reuse into the design for 400.000 people, and work to unify all parties in a common vision, design, schedule, and proposed budget.


As an initial stage, we will use precise aerial drone data to derive 3D hydraulic flows and pressures to design a modern piping system for 400,000 people. We will use data from all existing Kiberan boreholes, sewers, flood control systems, and water distribution systems--NCWSC, Olympic School, HNP, Shofco, KDI, KYS, Makina mosque and other boreholes to map the aquifer beneath Kibera, to estimate how rapidly wells recharge from the Motoite-Ngong River. We are designing real-time metering and control for leaks and breaks, and real-time monitoring for pollution intrusion.


Our goal is to make clean Kiberan water available to all, affordable, reliable, independent from the greater Athi surface water system, while utilizing new sources, new treatment, new distribution,  new energy sources, and local governance.

We are at the center of Kibera




Kibera Town Centre

We are together in providing services to all of Kibera

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