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Water facts for Kibera Water Services District



Water Prices in Global Cities:

Nairobi regulated price for water at a slum water point: 10 Ksh / cubic meter, or 0.2 Ksh / jerrycan; Nairobi piped water: 18.67 Ksh/ M3; Kibera water point: 5 Ksh/ 20L jerrycan, or 250 Ksh/ M3; San Francisco piped water: 137 Ksh / M3. US average daily use: 105 gallons/day/person ~ 400 L/day/person. Kibera daily use: 40 L / day/ person;



Kibera maps


Nairoi Master Plan: Kibera


Kenya-Uganda Railway plans for Kibera reconstruction were formulated in 2008-2009; construction to clear a 60-meter wide strip through the center of Kibera began in 2014.  Approximately 8 kilometers of slum has been cleared, 30 meters on each side of the rail right-of-way, and 4 km of 10-meter-high blank wall now faces the rail line. World Bank intial capital funding of ? 300 M USD? Plans completely block passage by Gatwekera and Soweto West residents across rail line.


Kenya Youth Services are constructing new sewer feeder lines througout Kibera.


Flood control plans for  Motoite-Ngong River as it flows into Nairobi Dam; KDI has mapped surface water flows in heavy rain flooding of Kibera.

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