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Dynamic modeling of hydraulic pressures and flows in a 100,000 pipe segmented distribution system

First, we model the existing water distribution system, using the elevations of the 2000 tanks in Kibera that we can inventory using the drone flyovers.

Though we know that the existing piping system is breached in thousands of places, the existing pipes work, so knowing the existing pipe paths help us understand the micro-topography.

Modeling today's Kibera water flows accomplish three things: give us a factual basis for conversations with all tank and water point owners; give us a way to understand water use and water demand by all customers, and establish initial customer contact; develop a monitoring system to enable precise flow control in each sub-segment of the distribution system, to develop a distributed, real-time control system for a state-of-the art water distribution system.

Our goal is to do a preliminary modeling involving all coalition partners.

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